Green Tech Laser Kit (Military Grade)


Green Tech Laser Kit (Military Grade)

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The BEST laser to carry around at all times, especially when hiking or in night time setting! Signal for help from 10,000 meter away and light a match on fire.


  • Adjustable focus mode
  • 350lm Brightness
  • 10,000 meter range
  • Strong Aluminum Alloy build
  • Class III Safety level
  • 15-35 Degrees C working temperature
  • 160mm x 22mm x 22mm Dimensions


  • Avoid direct eye exposure to laser beam as it can harm you.
  • Do not shine in eyes! These lasers are powerful and we advise anyone operating them to wear proper eye shielding protection. 
  • Do not point at ANY aircrafts. Depending on your jurisdiction this could result in arrest. 
  • We are not responsible for misuse of this product.
  • We cannot guarantee that this laser will light the type of matches you use. It’s recommended to use a black headed match for best results.
  • This is a 5mw laser and is legal in most countries. Please be advised on your own laws and regulations before purchasing. 


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