MOBA Controller for Android & iPhone


MOBA Controller for Android & iPhone

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GS Analog Joystick Grip

With a great innovation and passion, Joystick Grip was born to bring more changes on gamers’ daily life. GS features the creative integration of a phone grip and a stick-on joystick. The solid-built phone grip is not only your phone stand but upgrades your gaming experience to the next level. The stick-on joystick solves the problem of the clumsiness of the touch-screen joystick, controlling your game character’ every motion more precisely. Ideal for any game has an on-screen control pad like Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, PUBG, Fortnite,Vainglory, FIFA Mobile, Dragon Nest SEA, Asphalt, Real Racing, Modern Combat, Blitz Bridge, GTA, Mortal Kombat X and much more. GS Joystick Grip makes your legends unstoppable!


Stretchable Grip

Telescopic-boom designing grip with detents makes a great stretching space to adapt different sizes of smartphones from 5.5-inch to 6.7-inch length (phone length, not screen sizes). It also fits big phones like iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X, Samsung Note 8, Xiaomi MI MIX2 perfectly. To protect your phone, the grip also has each resilient EVA pads on both inner sides to secure the position from being displaced.

Adjustable Swing Arm

Joystick integrated swing arm allows 180° spinning, can be flicked up and fold easily. Fold it or stick it back onto the smartphone screen whenever you need it.

High flexibility swing arm ensures joystick sticks on the phone with different thickness securely, preventing losing.

Ultra Low-Friction, Stick-On Joystick

The ultra low-friction joystick with anti-slip design enables you to play effortlessly in 360°. With the conductive steel piece inside of the rubber pad, it makes possible to play with even you are wearing thick gloves. The turbine steel spring is easy to move the pad back to the center without being deformed. Now you can control your game character more precise than ever.

*Make sure pressed right on the pad with your thumb and must be touching conductive metal when controlling.  

Ultra-Portable, Five-Angle, Built-In Bracket

With 5 adjustable slots, you can adjust it to your preferred angle among 5 different angles in standing position whenever you need it. It is easy to operate as just push the rear arm, set the angle and kickstand it.


GS joystick grip is made for every gamer’s daily life, does not require any battery and signal connection to play with your smartphone. As simple as just install the swing arm first, stretch the grip to fit your phone, stick the joystick onto the screen and you go!

Grip Dimension: 150mm*98mm*40mm
Support Smartphone type: IOS/Android Smartphone
Support Smartphone Size: 5.5inch to 6.7inch (phone length, not screen sizes)
Kickstand angle: 5 angles of 30-75 degrees
Gross Weight: 90g

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