THe Pruge LED Cosplay Halloween Mask


THe Pruge LED Cosplay Halloween Mask

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Halloween Mask LED Light Up Funny Mask from The Purge Election Year Great for Festival Cosplay Halloween Costume

Mask PVC material
Cold light to be self-contained 2 * AA batteries
Shipped without battery.
Due to High Demand : Please Allow 2 – 6 Weeks for the product to deliver.
Fast Shipping to USA
1, harmless: no UV, no adverse effects on the human body.
2, the shape of any: according to customer demand for the production of various shapes.
3, low power consumption: in the low power will be when the light, the power consumption of milliwatts.
4, can be bent: in a variety of shapes can be light, can bend to adapt to the shape of the product can even be folded.
5, no heat: electroluminescent film is a cold light source, the work of the basic no temperature, the working temperature is lower than the fluorescent lamp.
6, light uniform, soft: the light did not flicker, will not make the eyes produce tension, fatigue.
7, good shock resistance: electroluminescent film and other light-emitting devices, it is not easy due to the impact of the outside world and failure.
8, long life: 10000 hours

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Blue, Red, Green, White, Yellow, Purple


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