Travel Sleeping Pillow


Travel Sleeping Pillow

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By plane, train, or automobile, traveling can take a toll on your body. Snooze comfortably through even the bumpiest flight, and it’ll feel like you made it to your destination in the blink of an eye.


  • This person is able to sleep comfortably in any Seat! Can you say the same?
  • The large, removable inflation valve makes inflation and deflation a snap.
  • Travel Sleeping Pillow deflates and folds into an easy-to-pack size and shape.


As you can see, This Pillow, is unlike any other travel pillow!
Because it’s inflatable, Travel Sleeping Pillow is easy to pack and carry on board. No need to worry about inflation or deflation either. Travel Sleeping Pillow has a removable one-way valve that allows quick inflation and deflation.

Since it is an inflatable device and designed to inflate and deflate very quickly, it can be packed into your carry-on luggage and inflated once you are in your seat. It is very lightweight and can easily be moved around to allow for passenger traffic.


Travel Sleeping Pillow has proven itself to be an extremely versatile traveling companion. Unlike most travel pillows, that can only be used to support your neck IF you can recline AND your seat has a high enough back, Travel Sleeping Pillow can be used in ANY seat as well as many other situations and positions to help ease your pain while traveling.

Note: Due to the high demand please allow 2-8 weeks for shipping.

Here’s what the travel experts and press are saying about Travel Sleeping Pillow:

“The miraculous, wedge-shaped travel pillow makes even the most uncomfortable spots downright pleasant.”

Dallas Morning News:

“But you can be…more comfortable with a Travel Sleeping Pillow pillow…Simply lean forward and snooze, and the miles will fly by.”

Travel Sleeping Pillow has also been featured by USA Today, Peter Greenberg, and the Early Show on CBS.

Why not join our many thousands of satisfied customers and enjoy the benefits of this uniquely different and very flexible travel pillow?

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